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The Orchestra / SMARTBoard lesson and activities. Includes many resources and activities for multiple grade levels.


just a little more - Musings about Music and Technology

William Tell Overture / Rossini / SMARTBoard Music lesson with multiple interactive features. Explore the Legend of William Tell, Learn about Rossini and Opera... Listening map with interactive buttons make this piece super cool! BEWARE of the wandering eye!!


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SMARTBoard Music Lesson: Hey Diddle Diddle - just a little more

This activity, for Grades 1-3, combines the best of music and math into an interactive SMARTBoard lesson perfect for the winter months.


SMARTBoard Lesson: Snowflake Music Math - just a little more

SMARTBoard Music Lesson: Hey Diddle Diddle - just a little more

Khachaturian's Sabre Dance comes to life as students learn about the composer, compare sabres to modern fencing, decode musical form, listen for instruments, move, watch performances,etc. Enough material for several lessons #iwb #smartee #musedchat


"The Sabre Dance" - just a little more

SMARTBoard Musical Spelling Bee Activity / interactive, roll die, spell staff words, earn points, review Treble and Bass staff notation, ideas for 1:1 iPad use. Giggly fun review.


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2 Love Notes and a Heart Attack A Valentine SMARTBoard Lesson teaching the musical intervals of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean," and "Here Comes the Bride." Students learn to associate the P4th and M6th with these "LOVE" songs and have fun reviewing them. This SB lesson includes interactive listening with self-checking SB activities. Suitable for grades 1 - 5 during February. These "love notes" will never be forgotten! :)


2 Musical Love Notes and a Heart Attack - just a little more