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<p>I really hate to be wasteful. Post-winter purging time of sweaters and also my son's birthday, hatched a bright idea. Previously-loved sweaters are cozy and warm, so why not give them a second life? Up-cycling is so rewarding. My son's decor is grey tones…</p>

Up-cycled Sweater Quilt

from Two Twenty One

How to Make Curtains {DIY

How to Make Curtains {DIY}

A step-by-step demonstration on how to hand sew an invisible stitch (AKA hidden stitch, ladder stitch, blind stitch or slip stitch). This is a perfect sewing...

How to Hand Sew an Invisible Stitch (Tutorial)

How to sew fabulous seat cushions (even if you're a complete beginner) - part 2

from Young House Love

How To Make No-Sew Curtains (And Make A Window Look Way Bigger

How To Make No-Sew Curtains That Make A Window Look Bigger