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Christmas Spirit (via Zauberbear)

We have tea that smells like those cinnamon pine cones in the front of every store and the first few times I drank it, it tas.

Mission of Magic idea: Cellophane Window Messages (via Zauberbear)

I hope somebody sees this. I hope they understand. For somewhat of a tutorial, you can refer to our post in which we made cellophane w.

Thoughtful Handmade Gift Ideas (via Zauberbear)

Want a really big squishy hug from your gift receiver this year?

An activity book of Missions of Magic (kind of like random acts of kindness) for all ages! Listed on Etsy, link in blog post.

Silkworm and I have finally listed on our Etsy shop a special zine we've been working on since we posted that not.

Mission of Magic / random act of kindness idea - Rock House Community in the Woods (via Zauberbear)

The air was warm and damp and I felt five pounds heavier on my right side with a bag full of.

Tips and Tricks for Photographing the Stars (via Zauberbear)

When Silkworm and I look up at the sky over our backyard on a clear night, we can probably count the amount of stars we can see.

Alternatives to your typical live Christmas tree (via Zauberbear)

A live plant Who officially named poor pine trees Christmas trees, and who decided they should be cut down and killed to serve as such.