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The Zen Organized Life

This board presents in time and space the ideas, illustrations and products that help make a life Zen Organized. Had I been able to put photos in any of my nine books on getting/staying organized I would have used these images. This Board is my passion.

The Zen Organized Life

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Chalkboard wall at Industry Home. Chalkboards are always a fun addition. The cushions add that nice homely touch.

industry home. / sfgirlbybay

As I post this the app 'Map my Walk' says I logged 4 miles today! I practice what I preach. 15 Reasons to Walk Outdoors: walking is one of the easiest ways to add exercise to your daily routine, and a daily dose of sunshine does wonders for your mood.

On Earth Day, 15 Reasons to Walk Outdoors

LOVE this visual. I would like to see labels on those bins but that's a small thing!

I like this closet design. If you do before you show it to your designer ask yourself some questions: do I need more shoe storage space? The closet appears set up for 'short hang' only.' Where will your 'long hang' go? Is there another closet or does the design need tweaked. People very often fall in love with a design without considering how they need to use it.

100 Diseños Hermosos para Renovar tus Armarios y Closets

I wonder if this window shelf is wide enough for a child to curl up with a book? I'd put down a cushion and a few pillows and get a bookcase. What is more magical than reading a book by the light of the sun and looking out at your personal world from time to time?

I'm sure on paper this was a clever idea. I would bet it might work for many of you. But this book shelf wall is an overwhelming visual for me personally. I'd like to see some decorative items and maybe a plant or two.

Veetje - Over mij, kevers en mooie dingen.

I love books and this bookshelf is rather amazing in the number of books it can hold. However, how do you access the top shelves? You have to place books there and of course clean them periodically. Would those be 'books I've read and want to keep?' This is too busy a visual for me but if you like it then be inspired!

One of the biggest time suckers is an activity we don't want to do but feel we can't refuse. Take this article to heart. How To Say No & Set Boundaries Without Feeling Guilty

How To Say No & Set Boundaries Without Feeling Guilty

It's always a joy for me to find a desk in the correct Feng Shui position. You should face the room not have your back to it. This space is also so whimsical I just loved it and had to share.

Garage Storage Basics

The Zen Organizer

The Best Garage Tip Ever

The Zen Organizer

What's More Important: Exercise Or Sleep? For a Zen Organizer the answer is both!

What’s More Important: Exercise Or Sleep?

This is one clever and creative idea. It's also one I haven't seen before. Utilize a Branch to store jewelry.

20 Creative Ways to Store Your Jewelry

When you store clothing in any open bin remember you are not protecting them from dust so they will get dirty faster.I

The Three-Minute Anti-Stress Meditation Secret via @PureWow

The Three-Minute Anti-Stress Meditation Secret

This might be clever by a front door to hold off season shoes.

WOW! I love this! In a small kitchen it would free up so much cabinet space. If you have small children give them unbreakable dishes and glasses in a low cupboard so they can set themselves up at meal time. It's a great way to build self-esteem!Wall storage #wood #colors #productdesign

SETYARD - Furniture

These Clear Watertight Totes are great for garage storage. They also come in a Trunk version. Get the container size that's perfect for the category at hand.

Clear Watertight Totes

This photo is from an article on kitchen organizing. It suggests you start by taking everything out. See the chaotic mess that makes? Go item by item and toss and categorize as you go. On my kitchen counters you would see groups of related food. Make life easy for yourself when you organize!

how to organize kitchen cabinets

I love those label tags. You would always know the contents and you could switch out items over time. But why use 4 different styles? I'd find one and use it exclusively. See the small container on the bottom shelf? I wonder what's inside? Is it related to those towels? If not I'd move the towel on the second shelf down. All the towels would be together and all the rattan containers would be on one shelf. Symmetry is visually relaxing.

Closet organization tips

Photos are a time honored way to identify shoes. I love that the shoe boxes are uniform.I would separate them by type and with the categories I'd go in color order. It saves time in the long run.

Organize Shoes with Photos | 20 DIY Closet Organization Ideas for The Home | DIY Closet Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Nicely labeled means you never have to guess the contents.

Pantry Before and After by Design, Dining + Diapers, pantry organization system, pantry organization, organization tips, closet organization

This closet is beautiful to look at but I have to wonder why all those magazines on the top shelf are needed. They are heavy so you will need to get on a step stool to retrieve them. Who needs that many magazines? After two months if you haven't enjoyed an issue recycle it.

Closet organization tips

do what you love.

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