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Custom ZeroEdge water feature in Grand Cayman

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ZeroEdge Aquarium Corp

Woods Hole Science Aquarium, a small, public aquarium that displays approximately 140 species of marine animals found in Northeast and Middle Atlantic waters. Admission is free, but donations are gladly accepted.

Woods Hole Science Aquarium: WELCOME

Simple Guide Marine Aquariums (Simple Guide to...) by Jeff Kurtz. $9.39. 255 pages. Publisher: TFH Publications, Inc.; 2 edition (May 1, 2009)

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Aquarium Plants (Mini Encyclopedia Series for Aquarium Hobbyists) by Peter Hiscock. $9.58. Publication: April 18, 2005. Publisher: Barron's Educational Series (April 18, 2005). Series - Mini Encyclopedia Series for Aquarium Hobbyists. Author: Peter Hiscock

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The ZeroEdge Aqua U is a great desktop aquarium to display fish and aquatic plants. This tank can be used as a freshwater or salt water aquarium. Built in filtration attached on the back completes this great desktop aquarium for low maintenance and a great clean viewing experience.

Aqua U Desktop Aquarium

The ZeroEdge Series 7 Sump is a very versatile aquarium sump. This product comes standard with drain perforated drain pipes, 7" 200 Micron filter socks, an adjustable skimmer weir, sound proofing sock chamber lids and emergency overflows. Order online today at

Series 7 36 Single Sock Sump

The ZeroEdge Tranquility Series Water is perfect for a spa, restaurant, hotel lobby, office lobby among many other settings. The slow and peaceful sound and stunning design help turn any room into a tranquil environment. Available at

ZeroEdge Tranquility Series Aquarium

ZeroEdge Touch Tanks are great for interactive educational experiences and can be found at public aquariums and resort settings like this Hexagon located next to the beach at the Four Seasons Resort in Hawaii.

100 Gallon Hexagon Touch Tank

The ZeroEdge Classic 46 is a standard model in the Classic Overflowing ZeroEdge line of products. Like the name implies, the water flows over the edge of the aquarium and gets pumped back up through the aquarium. Available for purchase at

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The ZeroEdge Betta Bowl is designed to house betta fish and also be used as a planter. Great for desktops, kitchen table/counter centerpiece and incorporating aquatic plants of all types. Available in different colors at

ZeroEdge Aquariums, Filtration & Water Features