Carlos Granados
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Dreaming of Joy, 240cm x 720cm - 6 panel, Buttons, Pins, 2008. By Ran Hwang.

Dreaming of Joy installation by Ran Hwang: Made of thousands of red buttons each secured by a pin to a wooden panel, the artist's painstaking execution is akin to a monk practicing Zen. The piece was only complete when the bird was surrounded by a 'cage'.

Paris, France

Paris Notre Dame Cathedral * Hungarian Sibyls in Paris, remembering mlle Lenormand, esoteric Tour * www.

Paint Sound Sculptures.

Dentsu studio + photographer linden gledhill - series of paint sculptures using sound vibrations for Canon’s pixma ink printer brand

Muzeum, green line, one of my favourite metro decorations

This was the subway transfer stop I used on my way to school every day from to grade.

unbelievably rude

Funny Quote - I hate it when I meow at cats and they are rude back