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material interplay - - brick wood glass - permeable impermeable opaque transparent

The use of materials have allowed for the overall feel of the place to feel not as harsh as the wooden material has belated this out. The patterns created will be quite unique as it will draw in the attention of the audience.

Wilanowska Housing Complex by JEMS Architekci, Warszawa, Poland 2009. External facades are formed in a harmonious, restrained and uniform manner in their “grid” structure, with large, evenly spaced horizontal openings. In order to enhance the intimate ambience of the apartments, movable wooden louvers are provided to a substantial part of the facades, which, alternately open or closed, form a delicate, vibrating structure.

wilanowska-housing-complex, love the way the facade would be ever changing at the whims of the inhabitants.

Artist’s Colony Market / Atelier Architects | ArchDaily

Hungary based studio Atelier Architects recently received a special mention for their Artist’s Colony Market design in a “market of the future”.

Golden Hexagon and Octogon

Golden Hexagon and Octogon A drawing in my moleskine about geometry and the golden ratio. It’s very rough and I don’t use the normal symbol for phi but I really like those drawings. I just asked.