Hack-O-Lantern Fail

Hack-O-Lantern Fail

The successful print of this is here.

Benzene, done that. The journey of printing a 3D Ouroboros

Benzene, done that.

Benzene, done that. The journey of printing a Ouroboros

Voronoi bloxen fail

Voronoi bloxen fail

Nunchucks Squirrel Fail.

Failure of a Nunchucks Squirrel. Poor guy never had a chance and bled out right on the build platform.

Gansu Province Fail

Gansu Province Fail

It took a few tries before the China Puzzle printed properly with PLA.

The Fail is Mightier Than the Sword

This is a draft of the claymore from the Cocktail Arsenal.

Dualstrusion on my MakerBot leaves something to be desired.

Despite my best efforts I couldn’t get a decent dualstrusion print of the Charnel Battle Flag, but I’ve included the STL files in the archive in case you want to have a go at it.

Penny Ballista Fail

Still using the demo spool of recycled ABS supplied to me by Filabot. When this print doesn’t fail it creates a Penny Ballista that’ll easily launch Abe across the Oval Office.

Multiple failures of a Magic: The Gathering Slime Counter

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