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Night Gif, Magic

Wow V watcha doin'?

Read T h i r t y N i n e from the story IM CALLING! ➹ Taehyung by PotatoJams (Mika♡) with reads. First I'm in your home

Blood, Sweat, and Tears | BTS

That death look you get form your parents When you fail an exam !

"Accidentally" did the hottest jacket flip ever..... riiiiiiiight lol Jiminie!!!!! BTS Blood sweat and tears

Jimin claims that the jacket flip was an accident, if so, let's thank fate that it did XD<<in the end we see it wasn't an accident.

Taehyung (V) - Not Today MV // my heart has literally exploded

Taehyung (V) - Not Today MV // whoever thought the headband would look good on Tae is a damn genius

Laoshi "304sr"

Laoshie Yanjie from by at