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jonathan whitfill

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Fall art projects

Fall art projects

Animals Crafts For Kids

Fall Leaves Crafts For Kids

Nature Art Projects For Kids

Creative Animals

Craft Leaves

Nature Activities For Kids

Art Leaves

Craft Leaf

Pressed Leaves Art

Fall art projects

atelier pour enfants: "Des feuilles très, très chouettes"

Condor Sculpture

Sculpture Metal

Wildlife Sculptures

Art Sculptures

Art Wildlife

Birds Animals

Animals Nature

Birds Birds

Raptors Garden

Raptors, Garden Art, Wildlife Sculpture, Metal Sculpture, Architectural Art, Birds, Animals, Nature

Raptors, Garden Art, Wildlife Sculpture, Metal Sculpture, Architectural Art, Birds, Animals, Nature

Telephone Sheep

Rotary Telephone

Sheep Sculptures

Sculpture Stuffs

Luc Cornec

Rotary Phones

Old Phone

Phone Art

On The Phone

Rotary phone sheep Designed by Jean-Luc Cornec for the Museum of Communications in Frankfurt

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Paul Villinski

Villinski Fable

Butterfly Cello

Musical Butterflies

Things Butterflies

Black Butterflies

Butterfly Wall Art

Creating Butterflies

Butterfly Notes

Butterflies Coming


New York, NY artist Paul Villinski

Soda Plastic Bottles

Pop Bottles

Lemonade Bottles

Bottle Safari

Bottle Zoo

Bottle Jungle

Bottle Art

Crafty Ideas Keep

Crafty Kids

The Great Soda Bottle Safari. Before (or after) you visit the zoo, make some animals using empty liter pop bottles! A great recycling craft!

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Fine Art Americafrom Fine Art America

Button Tree 0006 Acrylic Print by Monica Furlow



Buttons Buttons

Extra Buttons

Things Buttons

Buttons Galore

Craft Buttons

Spare Buttons

Paint Buttons

Button this idea

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Circles Assemblage

Assemblage Mixed Media

Object Assemblage

Assemblage Sculpture

Assemblage Recuperated

Recuperated Metal

Material Objects

Objects Art

Objects Recycled

"Mad Max" Art assemblage, recuperated metal and found objects

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Recyclartfrom Recyclart

Recycled heart from plastic

Human Heart Crafts For Kids

Heart Model For Kids

Human Heart Diy

Model Of Human Heart

Human Hearts

Kids Projects

School Projects

School Ideas

Recycled Heart

“ Found objects” are objects that have been created for a purpose other than art, and are usually every day objects, easily recognized for a utilitarian function. Their meaning in every day life is usually derived from their context in which we use them. By altering the objects’ context, or their form we can modify their meaning and significance.

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Plastic Bottle Caps

Art Plastic

Plastic Lids

History Projects

Class Projects

Art History

Grade 3 4

Fourth Grade

Bottle Top Art

Image detail for -| Bottle cap art | Plastic bottle caps, found objects & recycled art ...

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Ceramic Vases Ideas

Pottery Vases Ideas

Slab Ceramics Ideas

Handbuilt Pottery Ideas

Ceramic Flower Vase

Clay Vases

Pottery Flower Vases

Ceramic Slab Vase

Slab Vase Ideas Interesting textures with monochromatic color theme. Use found objects to create texture? Art club?

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Dolamore Art

Kate Dolamore

Titmouse Bird

Tufted Titmouse

Jay Watercolor

Watercolor Animals

Object Print

Object Art

Backdeck Bird

Bird Nest no. 18 Tufted Titmouse Bird Watercolor and Found Object Print. Kate Dolamore Art via Etsy

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Artist Robots

M Robots M

Object Robots

Object Art

Found Object Robot

Dog Assemblage

Assemblage Sculpture

Art Sculpture

Amazing Assemblage

Thermond - Found Object Robot Dog Assemblage Sculpture via adopt-a-bot

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Jug masks

African Masks For Kids

African Art Lessons For Kids

African Mask Project

African Masks Craft

African Art Projects

Milk Jug Masks

Milk Jugs

Cool Ideas

Vbs Ideas

milk jug mask Question: This looks like such a fun project, but does this kind of activity trivialize the tradition of African masks? Or does it realistically represent the found object aesthetic where artists would incorporate "precious" or natural objects into their art forms.

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Object Recycled

Recycled Weld

Recycled Materials

Welding Stuff

Welding Ideas

Welding Projects

Sculptures Garden

Metal Sculptures

Sculpture Art

metal yard art,sculptures,garden art,found object.recycled art metal, sculpture art,. $25.00, via Etsy.

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Altered Eye

Altered Time

Altered Arts

Lobster Clock

The Lobster

Steampunk Bots

Altered Steampunk

Art Clocks

Alarm Clocks

Found object wall clocks. These are great.

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Door Figjamstudio

Objects Mini

Mini Mask

Mask 8

Jam Studio

8 Original

Fig Jam

Mosaic Walls

Found Object Art

Mini Mask 8 - Original Found Object Art by Fig Jam Studio

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Schmooshy Cats

Cats Meow

Cats Art

Feline Art

Sewell Cat

Recycled Found Art

Object Cat

Art And Icons

Craft Dolls

The found object cat above is by Leo Sewell....via Art Propelled

the found object cat above is by leo sewell....via art propelled picture on VisualizeUs

Etsyfrom Etsy

Folk art found object metal owl

Metal Owls

Art Metal

Object Metal

Metal Objects

Object Art

Cutest Owl

Recycle Metal


Art Owl

Folk art found object metal owl by OurUniquePerspective on Etsy

Folk art found object metal owl

Quot Lune

Objects Quot

Piecemeal Sculptures

Quot Robot

Asemble Art

Coffee Perk

Robot Doll

Metal Robot


Folk Art Assemblage made of Found Objects - "Lune"

Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Paveltigay Geoffrey

Geoffrey Gorman S

Artist Geoffrey

Gorman Sculpture

Sculpture Geoffrey Gorman

Contemporary Artisans

Contemporary Craft

Nature Sculptures

Animal Sculptures

Geoffrey Gorman - found object art is amazing

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Flowers Mosses

Dried Flowers

Mosses Shells

School Art

High School

Found Object Art


Natural Materials


Sculptures made out of bone and other natural materials like dried flowers, mosses, shells and nests. Found object art, no animals or insects were captured or killed for these materials.

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Object Craft

Recycled Object

Project Recycled

Art Reused

Reused Stuff

Found Object Art

Found Art

Art Chinook

Mosaic 3D Art

Upcycling Inspiration: Stunning Pieces of Found Object Art : Crafting a Green World

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Cow Sculptures

Art Sculpture

Create Sculptures

Recycled Sculpture

Sculptures Created

Finest Sculpture

Sculpture Welding

Sculpture Recycling

Sculpture Bliss

Found object art

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Battery Cover

Car Battery

Wired Beaded

Beaded Chains

Caps Paper

Paper Fastners

Tabs Bottle

Bottle Caps

Reynaldo Molina

‘Cyber Fairy’ – Sculpture Made of Wire and Found Objects | Art

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