Anja Zimmermann

Anja Zimmermann

Anja Zimmermann
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back-painted glass backsplash

10 Awesome Concrete Countertop Designs: 10 Awesome Concrete Countertop Designs With White Cabinet And Modern Sink Design

Cotton  - Gossypium

Cotton - Gossypium


Borage - A popular herb that features small edible star-shaped purple flowers Borage can also be used to make flavorful teas or garnish your lemonade.


The appetizer for the first dinner I ate in New York City was an artichoke baked with Parmesan, crumbs, and olive oil. It was the first time I remember eating an artichoke (although I must surely …


Dill: For dill pickles, a whole flower head and leaves are often placed in each jar with the pickled vegetables. flowers should have given way to seeds, but the seeds do not need to be fully mature.

Bronze Fennel

Fennel: I'd love to try growing fennel, it grows wild in Malta, and has a loose yellow flower that reminds me a bit of Queen Ann's Lace (but more like Dill) This bronze version is pretty.


Most people won't consume any toxic plants, and for good reason. However, there are certain plants that are both toxic, and psychedelic. We explore these toxic psychedelic plants.