sunok lee

sunok lee

여의도동 / Bravo life!
sunok lee
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chokablok icecream-tubs

Ice cream can now be enjoyed even if you have not opened the container yet. Choka Blok has a near-realistic picture of the ice cream on top of container – giving the effect as if the container is already opened.

Thread lid by Azumi Mitsuboshi

Very nice origami box - Thread Lid - Cube / Antiprism by Azumi Mistuboshi. Click through for videos of its assembly.

print design

I love the way the text overlays the picture of the map, but also shines some of the map through the characters negative space.

year in review

Amanda Jane Jones design christmas card next year. This design might actual get me motivated enough to send them

Visual identity concept / Strassenfeger by Rene Bieder, via Behance

Picking a color and/or shape to carry throughout the magazine design could be simple way to design this dynamically. [Design: Triangles, Red, white and black brochure layout. Visual identity concept / Strassenfeger by Rene Bieder, via Behance]