Zoe Manolakou

Zoe Manolakou

Αν πεις την τελευταία φορά μπορεί στ'αλήθεια να γίνει η τελευταία φορά...
Zoe Manolakou
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Single needle bull skull with a robin standing on its horn done at WOLF private studio in Columbus, Ohio


Decorated Stemless wine glasses (Sharpie Paint Markers) {I'd love a set of these!} What a cute idea it would be for a fun girls night/ appetizer party and have people decorate their own wine glass (and take it home afterwards)

The Batman Pen for the "Batfanics" #geek

The Batman Pen for the "Batfanics" The most gorgeous pen in the whole entire world. I WANT THIS PEN

How to Get a Tattoo and Not Have it Hurt. Tattoo Numbing Cream and Dr Numb

This is my tattoo I have been looking for so long now for a sugar skull & this is it. I love love LOVE a amazing-quality, expensive tattoo! ART is the only thing your should put on your body if you decide to mark yourself.