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Haha I have never seen a flashing toothbrush. Wow Liam your one lucky boy!


One direction pyramid. Liam is using one arm to support 3 people & Zayn giving a thumbs up?

Hi boys, hi!!!

Hi boys, hi!<<<SO, first debut number I'm thinking big dance number. Now stay with me cause I'm quite quick and and Niall do the shimmy do the shimmy and Zayn pirouette and Lou do the splits and Liam stay exactly the way you cause you are per-fect

LOL that's so true :)

Well if that is our main concern then we will just get a bigger couch, and take it with us everywhere and have DIRECTIONERS sign it! And then we are problem free!

He's such a sweetheart

He's such a sweetheart, that's why I love him so much :) xxxxxx<< awwww I know!I<<<< im such a Liam Girl and love him so much! It makes me sa he started smoking:(

This pic just... I cant

If Liam could just do this to me at school. I would ace AP physics.


Niall for the shimmy for the shimmy and Zayn pureaet and louis do the splits and liam you stay exactly where your at cause you are peeeeerfect.

"Probably got attacked by a spoon or something" hahaha

"Probably got attacked by a spoon or something" hahaha. I guess someone killed me by stabbing me in the hand or something.

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