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Nyhavn- Copenhagen '17

Nyhavn- Copenhagen '17

Thy Nationalpark- Denmark'17

Thy Nationalpark- Denmark'17

Thy Nationalpark - Denmark'17

Thy Nationalpark -

Des couvertures de magazines sur des peintures classiques couverture magazine mode peinture celebre 10

Collage series by artist Eisen Bernard Bernardo that superimposes magazine covers on classic works of art.

Imagem inspiradora no We Heart It

Vergez’s collages are neither chance arrangements or nonsensical, but rather these mass-produced images are carefully composed constructions that are minimalistic and aesthetically clean.

Collage rétro par Sarah Wickings More

Collage rétro par Sarah Wickings I really enjoy the use of color here. I also enjoy how the object is removed so it's easy to focus in on what's important.