This is my favorite pregnancy photo I've seen yet! Cept, id do it with shirts down!

Pregnancy and Birth Announcement photo: Dad - Beer, Mom - Baby, Child - Apple Juice. All holding what "brewed" in the tummies.

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Little doug

I'm definitely not trying to tell anyone anything! Just a very cute idea little baby edmonds: Introducing the NEWEST Daddy in Town! Telling your Husband you are pregnant!

Great pregnancy shot. Too funny.

YOUR Funny Photos: Group 2

Here’s Group Group 3 will be posted Thursday! I don’t get what’s happening here, but it’s funny anyway.

How cute for a maternity shoot

15 Creative Maternity Photos

B and I's will say "it started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this. it was only a kiss. it was only a kiss.

Cute idea. Have grandparents, god parents and close friends write something too!

Love this! What can't you wait to do with your baby? Pregnant photo shoot or journal something I can't wait each day with a picture

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