6 Nursing Apps for Registered Nurses and Nursing Students

6 Nursing Apps for Registered Nurses and Nursing Students. For my girlfriends Rose Rosen && Milsaps Rosen

Zatanna....umm yes i would so love to live with those powers.... now for them to come.... Hurry up socery power! <-- cool, Batgirl! she has no powers, but she's still boss. and, even better, it's Barbra Gordon, so I could also be all smartyful and stuffz like Oracle!!!! :)----Loki

Well mine is a captain american shield but it's from the time loki used him as a disguise in Thor. Does that mean I get loki and captain America powers ?

Black Widow looks totally badass! Nick and Thor... exactly as you'd expect. Still badass though.

Black Widow, Thor, and Nick Fury AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Character Posters

So Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, is my second favorite Avenger. My first is Wanda Pietroff, aka Scarlet Witch.