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Grace Vanderwaal

Wow! I'm guessing my girls want to tell me this all the time! I love being "that house" & always have serious teen snacks - but I also always make them tidy 1st. :)

The awkward moment when you realize Dora the explorer, who is has more freedom than you.

This is not just a teenager post, this is an every woman out there post. Unless you're one of those crazies that shaves their legs everyday...who does that? haha

I hate shaving my legs but I love having shaved legs, you feel me?

Every girl can relate to teenage posts- yes oh my gosh that's exactly what I was thinking

Glad im not the only one! lol haha first time I read this I thought it said seeing another teenage and thinking thank god I'm not the only one.

These Teenager Post's Are So True For All Teen's,(Boys and Girls)

These Teenager Post's Are So True For All Teen's,(Boys and Girls)? I like math but so funny!

what you tell to someone when they say you´re ugly! Emma

I actually used this one and the person didn't get it was a comeback. What happens when u use a good comeback on a dumb person.

Some ppl show it in other ways...I love those ppl :')

Some ppl show it in other ways.I love those ppl :') for me I wish that would happen but the people who do tht keep doing it

They are my girls!! You hurt them your dead. Ya I'm like the mother of the group

You insult me: I can handle it. You insult my best friend: I'm going to break your face

Relatable Teen Posts | Pictozz: Relatable Teenager Posts

Teenage Post I'm not popular, but I have nice friends. Km not rich but I have what I need. I may not be liked but I know I'm loved. By God