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Carlos Aguilar
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The Art of Punk and the Punk Aesthetic

Ramones Los Angeles fan club mail-out, USA, Source: Punk: An Aesthetic (Rizzoli)The Art of Punk and the Punk Aesthetic: Observatory: Design Observer

”For me, punk is about real feelings. It’s not about, ‘Yeah, I am a punk and I’m…

“To me, John Lennon and Elvis Presley were punks, because they made music that evoked those emotions in people. And as long as people are making music that does that, punk rock is alive and well” — Joey Ramone

ramones-by-norman-seef.jpg (2048×1695)

"Ramones," released 40 years ago this month, is one of the most original and satisfying works of art of our time.

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Johnny, Tommy, Joey and Dee Dee of the Ramones jam in a scene from the motion picture 'End of the Century.

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The next time you feel down about playing a coffeehouse every Saturday, remember that so did Jason Mraz.

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Born Richard Reinhardt on August 11 1957 in Passaic, New Jersey, US, Richie Ramone is a musician and songwriter mostly known as the drummer of the Ramones. He joined the Ramones in late 1982 or early

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Learn 10 little-known facts about the Ramones' 1976 debut LP, recorded 40 years ago this month.