I wish so badly that it was my job! I am so good at it and it is something i enjoy!

This is awesome.

Looks like FedEx hired some comedians…

Funny pictures about Looks like FedEx hired some comedians. Oh, and cool pics about Looks like FedEx hired some comedians. Also, Looks like FedEx hired some comedians.

And I finally have a name for my mania.

Misophonia: literally the hatred of consistant sounds; chewing/crunching or repeating of same noise. Pet peeve when someone says "I'm not chewing with my mouth open" or "I'm not smacking" -.

Funny Workplace Ecard: I got so much procrastinating done today.

So true lol

If I have more than 3 days off work, I forget how to do my job. But if a song comes on the radio that I haven't heard since I still know every. If it's more than a week, I forget passwords, co-workers names, etc.


Guess which one I am? The two kinds of people when they see Christmas decorations at the store *(in October, no less!

I Can Walk Myself, Thank You

I Can Walk Myself, Thank You

Hilarious photo of a dog crossing the street with his leash in his mouth. A strong independent dog who don't need no man.


Young Hamlet…

I am so tired of you teenagers and your morbid T-shirts, Hamlet. A mother lamenting her son's clothing while he where's a T-shirt that says, and with a circle and slash around it. He is also holding a skull.


I feel you

Wallpaper and background photos of ~Harry Potter Forever!~ for fans of Harry Potter images.