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Nepenthes ceciliae. A recently described species of...

Stock Photograph of Nepenthes ceciliae from Bukidnon, Philippines (cld1202692)

The carnivorous North American Sarracenia Pitcher plants Sarracenia purpurea

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Nepenthes ampullaria. Unlike most <i>Nepenthes</i> species, upper...

Stock Photograph of Nepenthes ampullaria from Sarawak, Malaysia (cld1316202)

Changing color

Pinned from - Dandenong Fern - Forest Collection by Damon Clarke.

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~~green leaves by *Yumi*~~

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Staghorn Ferns.

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Zsuzsa Pető

Nephrolepis falcata f. furcans | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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{ Dryopteris erythrosora 'Brilliance' } Easy-to-grow fern. Newly unfolding fronds have a beautiful orange color, aging to deep green while still maintaining the orange color. Striking in shaded or woodland gardens, formal or informal. Evergreen.

Dryopteris erythrosora 'Brilliance' Brilliance Autumn Fern from Riverbend Nursery

Athyrium 'Ghost' - One of the prettiest ferns I've seen, and it tolerates dry, shady conditions.

Ghost Lady Fern (Athyrium Ghost) at Wayside Gardens

ginko leaves

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pretty green leaves.


Patterns in nature

Patterns in nature

Venus Flytrap - Carnivorous Plants - Dionaea muscipula

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Nepenthes macrophylla. Eats rats. Found only on Gunung Trusmadi, Sabha, Malaysia.

Time to climb Sabah's Trusmadi •

Nepenthes spectabilis North Sumatra, water catchers, some of my favourite flowers here below. Wisteria specially....

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Black Magic Elephant Ears

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carnivorous plants

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Carnivorous Plant

Flower Garden News - Easy Branches


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