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Caladium ..."Gingerland" vma.

Plant Palette: Caladiums | Garden Design

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The Soft Edge by Elisabeth van Eyken

Staghorn Ferns.

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Zsuzsa Pető

Young leaf of Blechnum brasiliense

Red leaf #1

Briza maxima Beautiful - via: flowersgardenlove: - Imgend

Imgend - Picture This.

Pitcher Plant

All About the Pitcher Plant

Nepenthes macrophylla. Eats rats. Found only on Gunung Trusmadi, Sabha, Malaysia.

Time to climb Sabah's Trusmadi •

Nepenthes Spectabilis, North Sumatra

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Tropical Pitcher Plants

Nepenthes jamban - Small

Tropical Pitcher Plants

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Nepenthes jamban

Informative Pictures

Heliamphora pulchella

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This is Faucaria tigrina or the Tiger's Jaw - a succulent plant found in South Africa.

The Presurfer


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Nepenthes, known as tropical pitcher plants or monkey cups

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Whispers in the Wind

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New Life- a heart shaped leaf #heart #leaf

- just breathe -

Nepenthes ceciliae. A recently described species of...

Stock Photograph of Nepenthes ceciliae from Bukidnon, Philippines (cld1202692)

The carnivorous North American Sarracenia Pitcher plants Sarracenia purpurea

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Nepenthes ampullaria. Unlike most <i>Nepenthes</i> species, upper...

Stock Photograph of Nepenthes ampullaria from Sarawak, Malaysia (cld1316202)

Changing color

Pinned from - Dandenong Fern - Forest Collection by Damon Clarke.

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~~green leaves by *Yumi*~~

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