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Animals provide a wealth of humor. Hey man, whatever floats your goat!
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funny pictures of dogs. This my friends is exactly why dog owners need locking windows lol poor puppy

I swear I didn’t do it…

"He opened the window during the car wash." ~ Dog Shaming shame - Boxer needs child lock activated. Also why weren't other people in the car with him? That could be scary to a dog, plus it's fun. I always rode through the car wash when I was little.

Sharon, you and I both know there is a pill wrapped in that slice of ham. Funny dog pics

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My Daughter Wanted To Dress Up Her Hamster

HAMSTER CLOTHES ~ what a clever idea this mom had for her daughter. It seems that she wanted to dress her hamster up in clothes and of course that's pretty impossible to do! So she and her mom created this clever idea. Such cute pictures!

Disinterested dog (me. in dog form.)

Disinterested dog…

cat is ready to come in

38 Hilarious Animal Pictures


Ranked in breed intelligence, in trainability and in both human bonding and all round damn good looks, the Golden Retriever is not your average dog.

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The 5 second rule when food is dropped doesn't apply when you have a 2 second dachshund!

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A list of safe and healthy fruits to feed your dog! There is no need to buy store bought treats when you can nourish your furry family right from your kitchen at home! Comments have good tips too on this site.