So, You Want to Make an #Infographic?

So, You Want to Make an Infographic? The process behind infographics: insight into how the Department of Energy's creative team plans, designs, and publishes work.

Typography infograph: Use this info for your book project next week!



Seven Summits by Audree Lapierre of ffunction. Like the layout of this infographic, when I've finished creating the destinations of the time machine I might collage an info graphic out of them.


Sarah Illenberger, information graphics for “The Truth about Sex,” published in Neon magazine, 2008

Does Graphic #Design Matter? - #Infographic - You know the answer, but check out the facts:

Does Design Matter?

Does Design Matter? - Infographic *shoves in family's face so they realize I can actually make a career out of being a graphic designer*


One thing I am noticing with infographics is that designers are trying to put too much on one page, making the font smaller and harder to read. Even when you go to the original infographic and zoom in you can barely see anything! Definitely need a better


fuckyeahinfo: Skype visualization poster All our Skype conversations and sent files from our first talk in 2008 to our last conversation on New Year’s Eve 2010 are visualized in this data graphic.