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Cecil and Carlos voice actors from Welcome to Night Vale <3<3<3

Cecil and Carlos voice actors from Welcome to Night Vale. I cried at the end of the second anniversary show- I need this fixed so badly.

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Cecil Baldwin (Cecil) and Dylan Marron (Carlos)

So has every cecilos fan on tumblr seen this picture of cecil and dylan or what but i feel like it’s important.

Dylan Marron and Cecil Baldwin, aka, Carlos the Scientist and Cecil Palmer from Welcome to Night Vale.

// Voices of Carlos and Cecil signing.

Cecil and Carlos

Dylan Marron (Carlos) and Cecil Baldwin (Cecil) the cutes

Perfect Carlos

queenofthecute: “Night Vale is really good for practicing character design, right? (I only wish I were better at it!) Like so many other fans, my own mental image of the characters is pretty.

littleulvar: "It’s really simple and silly and I’m embarrassed for my handwriting. Ahh." Perfect Carlos and his Perfect Hair. T-shirt contest entry.

"Perfect Carlos and his perfect hair" ~Cecil


his shirt says " I make horrible science puns, but only periodically." He would totally wear that shirt on the weekends.

The fact that this exists is the best thing ever. Cecil and Carlos :) night vale

Cecil (Cecil Baldwin) and Carlos (Dylan Marron) sitting beneath an Arby’s sign -WTNV

Night Vale. Cecil & Carlos as such cuties :3

Spam Vale (WTNV fanart collection by littleulvar on DeviantArt; she's probably my favorite Night Vale artist!