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Please excuse the mess, but our family is making memories. #quote *always loved this...

Photography 101 for Moms: Avoid Red Eye When You Have to Take Pictures of the Kids at Night- Red eyes in photos are one of those dreaded things that ruin an otherwise great picture. And guess what? You don’t have to deal with red eye if you don’t want to! Check out these super simple ways to avoid it. *saving this for later!

Look at this Pizza Boss 3000 Cutter on #zulily today!

Look at this Sauced Up Spoon Rest on #zulily today!

Look at this Dinner Winner Plate on #zulily today!

These easy Lemon Pie Squares offer the delicious taste of Lemon Pie, without the fuss!

10 Benefits Kids Gain From An UN-BUSY Life: Life should be taken at the pace that suits you and your family. Embrace an un-busy life today. Enjoy these ten benefits to living slow (and purposefully) with your kids. *Loved this post! Such a good read for parents.


Lemon Ricotta Zoku Pops Popsicles // 7 Must-Try Recipes *These all sound AMAZING. Saving this for later.

Check out this awesome list of 20 ice cream sundae recipes! What a neat idea to set up an ice cream sundae bar that you can reuse week after week all summer long! Great combinations of healthy toppings for ice creams with enough sprinkles and candy options that the kids will love.

Simple Flower Crowns for Kids - Using Fresh Flowers

If your family loved the board game Carcassonne ... You've got to try Dixit! Your kids will love it on game night. *We are so getting this!

Professional Photography Sessions with Kids: 10 Tips for Success *tip #2 is so important for families

Family Road Tip: 100+ kid-Friendly Snack Ideas *Great travel resource for parents

Look at this Heather Charcoal 'Mama Bear' Fitted Tee - Women on #zulily today!

Look at this Pink & White Be Bold Dress - Kids & Tween on #zulily today!

8 Ways To Save A Bad Day: Whether I am grumpy, frustrated, happy, silly, angry, anxious, or patient, the mood is contagious. We all feed off each other’s emotions. So, I can choose to keep the day going along the same path (no thanks), or I can do something to change it! Here’s what works for us when things are getting a little crazy… *Great read for parents

30 Nights of EASY dinners for busy families. Feel like you're always on the go with soccer, dance, tutoring, piano, church, and other kid activities?? Get food to the table fast with these family-friendly recipes!

Mom Photography 101: How to Capture Awesome Water Action Photos *I never knew it was so simple. Tips for point-and-shoot, iPhone and DSRL users. I've got to try this with the kids.

First Day of School Photos // Great photography tips for parents. *Saving this for back-to-school this year

Benefits of a Big Home Library for Kids: The priceless reason you should keep your bookshelf full *this is a must-read for parents

Look at this Chicaboo Mint Crochet A-Line Dress - Kids on #zulily today!

Look at this Chicaboo Coral Flower Tank Tutu Dress - Infant & Kids on #zulily today!

DSLR Photography Tip: How to use a Graduated Filter in Lightroom to save blown skies *Make the sky blue again!

Mom Photography 101: How to Capture Awesome Water Action Photos *I never knew it was so simple. You can use one of the auto-settings on your DSLR with a few step-by-step modifications. I've got to try this with the kids.