...and it still scares me, sometimes...

My irrational fear…

My irrational childhood fear. As a kid I would ask my grandpa if there were any sharks in the pool. I had a terrible fear that. Shark would break through the concrete and into the pool.

Yep, that's me

If I got into bed at why am I still awake at midnight? That's right, I was pinning on my phone.or kindle lol

Too true

Cold mornings…

Funny pictures about Those Cold Mornings. Oh, and cool pics about Those Cold Mornings. Also, Those Cold Mornings photos.


25 Things You Can Relate To

This makes me laugh so hard. That's exactly how my husband looks in the mornings.


I can testify as a person who has a cold right now. My right nostril is like the top picture, and my left, the bottom.


Two Awesome Visuals On ADHD for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. This is a great reminder for teachers with ADHD students that I will be sure to remember when I am a teacher.

That's me...

WHALE HUMOR: I have never wanted an iPhone until now . That is awesome. It's a whale . And a baby whale! How cute.