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Could be a good stilts costume.big crinoline cage with lots of vines and fake flowers."My Halloween costume"

Scandalous Lady Set Under-bust Corset Set - renaissance clothing, medieval, costume

Scandalous Lady Set Under-bust Corset Set - renaissance clothing, medieval, costume. Love the detail of the corset/bustle combo.

Pretty lace applique. Sadly, can't find the original source.

This ornate Victorian style black and white corset with draped lace sleeve details draws inspiration from the Victorian age. Corsets are still continued today although they are not as predominant.

Evening ensembe by Karl Lagerfeld for the House of Chanel ca. 1990. Embroidery Lesage.

Evening Ensemble (Detail) Chanel designed by Karl Lagerfeld 1990 Karl Lagerfeld has taken the eighteenth century as a leitmotif of his art and life, from residences and domestic interiors to fashion- and even to a brief whim of powdering his hair.

Its a dress, not a flower. There was room to question

Unlike the ballerinas you see on stage, you don’t have to wear a tutu! Adult ballet class is recreational, which means the dress code is more relaxed.