Fresco at church in Mt. Athos monastery. Greece.

*GREECE ~ Fresco at a church in a Mt. Mt Athos is a mountain and peninsula in Macedonia, Greece, and a World Heritage Site.

sorrento, italy

Sorrento, Italy Sorrento is a fabulous place to visit across the bay from Naples, close to Pompeii and part of the glorious Amalfi coast.


First surf in 2 years.after a pretty stressful year - This ariel view of wave reminds how relaxing the ocean is to the soul!


body_surfing_shorebreak_barrel Ouch, but soooo much fun!

Old entrance hall in Tbilisi city centre, Georgia  By Anna Bogush

I like to think about the people who walked up and down these stairs in their glory days- what they were wearing and what they discussed. Old entrance hall in Tbilisi city centre, Georgia By Anna Bogush


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Riding the waves

North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii is where you go to see the big waves and surfing in the winter months. This is when the waves are big and all the surfers are in Halweia, the main surfing town on the North Shore.

tree house

Cute, like a Person-sized fairy or gnome house, the door really gives that effect. A nice kid getaway in the woods.perfect for kevin's playhouse!


Tiflis Evleri (Dzveli tbilisi saxli) Tiflis-GEORGİA -photo by


Georgia, Spaces

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