Zauberberg Ruppertshain

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an animal is standing on top of some rocks
Rocks. Colors.
the water is running over the rocks in the stream
Winter. Beauty.
frozen water flowing over rocks in a stream
Winter. Beauty.
icicles are on the ground and water is running through them, with leaves in the background
Winter. Beauty.
an ice covered animal laying on the ground next to some water and leafy branches
Winter. Beauty.
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a forest with leaves on the ground around it
Heavy Angels.
the sun is shining through the trees in the snow
Winter Mood.
there is a waterfall that has frozen water coming out of it
ice hanging from branches in the water next to some rocks and trees with leaves on them
Ice at Billtalhöhe.
the sky is covered in fog and low lying clouds
Frozen Beauty.
tall trees stand in the middle of a forest
High in the Sky.
the city skyline is seen in the distance, with trees and bushes all around it
That's why People come here ...
two windows with trees reflected in them on a building's exterior wall and below the window is a white frame
Autumn. Window.
two horses are running through the grass near trees
Autumn Moods.
an airplane is flying through the blue sky with autumn leaves on it's branches
Leaves. Sky.